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Worldfoodtruckfestival is a community of poker enthusiasts who love playing poker and anything else connected with the game. You can discuss the latest poker topics, boast about the big showdowns you have won and study the playing tips given by your fellow players so you can learn how to play even better. Poker fans come to Worldfoodtruckfestival to learn about the latest bonuses offered by poker rooms, read the best poker blogs around, read forum tips, watch tutorial videos whilst developing their own poker projects, and find new blog readers & new friends. We at Worldfoodtruckfestival aim to become the biggest and best poker-playing community online, and you can help us grow even bigger by signing up with us. Already, many hundreds of users have taken the plunge to join our vibrant poker community.


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At Worldfoodtruckfestival you’ll find a huge range of quality tutorials. Read the latest tips from the professionals, and analyse your playing style with experienced card-sharps. Learn how to three-bet and steal the blinds along with the best of them. Learn how to manage your bankroll and how not to tilt. Develop your poker playing skills with us and move up the poker playing ranks!

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